Please make a donation to help Will on his road to recovery. Your donation helps Will pay for his medical expenses and equipment he needs that is not covered by insurance.

9 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Janis Bellow on said:

    Please send information and address so that I can mail check.
    Thank you–

  2. Megan Quinlan on said:

    I don’t know of a specific accessible apartment, but any of the newer large complexes have beautiful accessible apartments. A friend’s husband has MS and uses a wheelchair. They were living up off of Route 1 on the Revere/Saugus line (at the old quarry site), I think it may have been an Archstone property. It might be difficult to find a place in the city, but out in the suburbs, these complexes are popping up all along the highways. Another suggestion would be to check with the state. I don’t know if they have any sort of registry for accessible housing or not.

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  4. Alecia on said:

    Potentially accommodating apartment options to consider:

    108 Peterborough Street, Boston
    call (617) 262-6831 for information

    Landmark Square Apartments
    75 Peterborough Street, Boston
    call 617.450.9272 for information

    Wingate Management Co. manages some accessible units at 78 and 82 Peterborough Street which, I think, are for seniors and those with low incomes.
    call 617-236-1978 for information


  5. steve weissburg on said:

    Is this donation entitled to a charitable deduction? I would like to know, because that would affect the source of my donation.

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  7. Alan Marscher on said:

    Dear Will,
    We wish you the best in your Herculean effort to recover functionality.
    Alan Marscher & Svetlana Jorstad

  8. Carrie on said:

    Will, you are a most courageous guy! And very inspiring to many. Sorry I can’t help you with an apartment, I live in Minnesota. Wishing you continued strength of spirit and body and inner peace.

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