Please make a donation to help Will on his road to recovery. Your donation helps Will pay for his medical expenses and equipment he needs that is not covered by insurance.

ALSO: Will is looking for an accessible apartment, most likely for the end of June or beginning of July. Please reply below if you can assist or know of an apartment that could work for Will. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Janis Bellow on said:

    Please send information and address so that I can mail check.
    Thank you–

  2. Megan Quinlan on said:

    I don’t know of a specific accessible apartment, but any of the newer large complexes have beautiful accessible apartments. A friend’s husband has MS and uses a wheelchair. They were living up off of Route 1 on the Revere/Saugus line (at the old quarry site), I think it may have been an Archstone property. It might be difficult to find a place in the city, but out in the suburbs, these complexes are popping up all along the highways. Another suggestion would be to check with the state. I don’t know if they have any sort of registry for accessible housing or not.

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  4. Alecia on said:

    Potentially accommodating apartment options to consider:

    108 Peterborough Street, Boston
    call (617) 262-6831 for information

    Landmark Square Apartments
    75 Peterborough Street, Boston
    call 617.450.9272 for information

    Wingate Management Co. manages some accessible units at 78 and 82 Peterborough Street which, I think, are for seniors and those with low incomes.
    call 617-236-1978 for information


  5. steve weissburg on said:

    Is this donation entitled to a charitable deduction? I would like to know, because that would affect the source of my donation.

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  7. Alan Marscher on said:

    Dear Will,
    We wish you the best in your Herculean effort to recover functionality.
    Alan Marscher & Svetlana Jorstad

  8. Carrie on said:

    Will, you are a most courageous guy! And very inspiring to many. Sorry I can’t help you with an apartment, I live in Minnesota. Wishing you continued strength of spirit and body and inner peace.

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